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Designed and delivered by experts. These sessions are shorter and more focused than our masterclasses and you can access them anytime that works for you.

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Setting Line Managers up for success

Work through the tools to help managers work with their teams, to create great experiences and develop engagement.

Understanding and improving your wellbeing

Learn about key components which impact wellbeing – and get to grips with tools to better manage your wellbeing, and support others

IC by Design

It's time to take a different approach to internal communication – here we'll introduce the key concepts, principles and tools of design thinking, and how they apply to Internal Comms.

Becoming a trusted advisor

What is a trusted advisor and how can you become recognised as one?


Getting started with developing personas

What are personas, how do you use them and how do you create valuable personas?


An introduction to human-centred change

Explore a bold new way of thinking about change, one which puts people at the very heart of it.