An introduction to human-centred change

This short course introduces a bold new way of thinking about change, one which puts people at the very heart of it. Join us and, together, let’s change change!
 Approx 120 minutes
 Architect / Planner /
Designer / Builder

Programme overview

It’s estimated that between 60-80% of all change programmes fail and one of the big reasons is that they’re focused on process rather than people.  

In this Bitesize session we’ll explore the concept of human-centred change and show how you can utilise it to deliver change that really sticks.    

We’ll revisit some of the most influential theories and models of change, investigate where change goes wrong and then look at game-changing new approaches - like ‘viral change’ and design thinking – which ensure that change is done with rather than to people!  

With plenty of recommendations for additional reading, self-reflection and expert-led learning, this is your first step towards human-centred change.

Flexible Learning Experience: Adapted to Your Schedule

This comprehensive, yet flexible, course is designed to be completed in around 120 minutes, split into easily digestible lessons. Whether you wish to complete it all at once or go lesson-by-lesson, it's designed to fit into your busy schedule. We've incorporated self-complete exercises and further reading resources throughout, allowing you to delve into each topic as deeply as you wish.

Course Lessons

Meet your instructor

Lee Smith

EX Space Founder
Lee is an employee communication, engagement and EX professional with more than three decades experience spanning both consultancy and senior in-house roles. Formerly co-founder and co-owner of the highly respected UK employee comms agency Gatehouse – now part of Gallagher’s Employee Experience practice – Lee co-created the annual State of the Sector research survey and developed and led the Accelerate strategic internal comms learning programme. He is a fellow of both the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC) and Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and holds an MSc in Corporate Communication & Reputation Management.

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