Our range of certified masterclasses will help you develop your expertise, build your confidence and advance your career.

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The Four Masterclasses

The Fundamentals

This masterclass will lay the foundations to develop your skills and expertise in EX and engagement. It will introduce you to the key concepts and lay the foundations for further learning and application.

EX Architect

This masterclass will enable you to develop your ‘blueprint’ for EX and engagement. You’ll look at setting your strategy, mapping the end-to-end EX and employee journey, as well as how to make your case for change and demonstrate your impact.

EX Designer

This masterclass will enable you to practically design brilliant experiences. You’ll experiment with practical tools, from the world of design-thinking and positive psychology to take a human-centred approach to design experiences which deliver engagement and make a positive difference to your organisation.

EX Planner

This masterclass will focus on translating ideas into action, no matter what part of the organisation you’re in, or the role you have.