Setting Line Managers up for Success

This short course guides you through the tools to help your managers work with their teams, to create great experiences and develop engagement.

 180-240 minutes

Programme overview

Welcome to this EX Space Bitesize course, tailored specifically for those of you who are looking to enable and empower line managers to develop an EX mindset and have quality conversations around EX and engagement with their teams.    

In this course we’ll explore the role of the manager in EX and EE, the theory behind taking a strength based approach and we’ll work through our line managers team experience toolkit. You can also download the toolkit as a PDF here.

Flexible Learning Experience: Adapted to Your Schedule

This comprehensive, yet flexible, course is designed to be completed in easily digestible lessons, so whether you wish to complete it all at once or go lesson-by-lesson, it's designed to fit into your busy schedule. We've incorporated further reading resources throughout, allowing you to delve into each topic as deeply as you wish.

Course Lessons

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