Becoming a trusted advisor

Becoming a Trusted Advisor offers a path to enhance your advisory role, emphasising relationship-building, long-term strategic thinking, active listening, and the willingness to co-create solutions. Ready to take your advisory role to the next level? Start your journey to becoming a trusted advisor today.
 60-90 minutes
 Architect / Planner /
Designer / Builder

Programme overview

Welcome to "Becoming a Trusted Advisor", an EX Space Bitesize course tailored specifically for professionals who work in advising capacities, including HR, communications, engagement roles, and beyond. If you're looking to expand your role beyond technical expertise and into a more advisory position, this course is for you.

Flexible Learning Experience: Adapted to Your Schedule

This comprehensive, yet flexible, course is designed to be completed in 60 to 90 minutes, split into seven easily digestible modules. Whether you wish to complete it all at once or go module-by-module, it's designed to fit into your busy schedule. We've incorporated self-complete exercises and further reading resources throughout, allowing you to delve into each topic as deeply as you wish.

Understanding the Trusted Advisor: Beyond Technical Expertise

"Becoming a Trusted Advisor" will guide you through the significant role of a trusted advisor, and the behaviors and traits that differentiate them from technical experts. Learn how to build trust through credibility, reliability, and integrity, and to strike a balance between providing objective advice and advocating for your clients' best interests.

Collaboration and Solutions: Building Stronger Relationships

Our course is grounded in the realities of collaborative problem-solving and focuses on developing solutions in conjunction with your clients for better results and stronger relationships. Additionally, you'll be introduced to the consultancy cycle, a systematic process for understanding your clients' needs, developing tailored solutions, and fostering a collaborative environment.

Course Lessons

Meet your instructor

Lee Smith

EX Space Founder
Lee is an employee communication, engagement and EX professional with more than three decades experience spanning both consultancy and senior in-house roles. Formerly co-founder and co-owner of the highly respected UK employee comms agency Gatehouse – now part of Gallagher’s Employee Experience practice – Lee co-created the annual State of the Sector research survey and developed and led the Accelerate strategic internal comms learning programme. He is a fellow of both the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC) and Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and holds an MSc in Corporate Communication & Reputation Management.

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