Become an EX Master

Develop and build your employee experience and engagement expertise. Join our ground-breaking online programmes, designed and delivered by the leading experts in the field.


Our range of masterclasses will give you everything you need to become an ‘EX Master’. Designed around our ground-breaking research into what makes a successful EX and engagement practitioner, the masterclasses will give you everything you need to become an expert in the field.
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The psychological contract at work is changing, and with it employees’ expectations of work. According to Gallup (2019) employees are becoming “the consumers of the workplace”.

What do we offer?

Certified masterclasses

Our range of masterclasses will help you develop your expertise, build your confidence and advance your career.

Cohort learning

When you sign up for one of our masterclasses, you’ll join a cohort for your learning experience. This means you’ll get to collaborate and share as you move through the masterclass. Each masterclass typically takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Self-paced learning

We also offer a range of Bitesize courses, designed and delivered by experts. These sessions are shorter and more focused than our masterclasses and you can access them anytime that works for you.

Our approach

Our mission is to enable the EX era and so all of our learning has been designed to ensure you can apply your new skills straight away. For example, we use:
  • Bitesize, tutor-led videos to outline key ideas and bring the theory to life
  • ‘Engage’ questions to help you reflect on your learning as you go
  • Downloadable tools to practice with and use straight away
  • Quick quizzes and diagnostic tools
  • Collaboration opportunities to share your thinking with you cohort
  • Additional resources to explore the topics further
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Become an EX Master

Our comprehensive ‘EX Master’ progamme - available exclusively to Pro members - is made up of four comprehensive online, cohort-based masterclasses, all designed to give you fast-track access to the latest thinking and tools in EX and employee engagement. Built around our groundbreaking EX Archetypes research, this programme has been designed from the ground up, to enable you to excel in your role.

The only programme of its kind in the world, for the first time we bring together EX and engagement in a clear and simple way. The progamme has been designed using insights from our research into what makes a successful EX and engagement practitioner. Each masterclass will help you to develop your skills and expertise and build your confidence to apply your learning straight away.
All of our masterclasses are designed and delivered by world-class EX and engagement experts. Our co-founders have more than 50 years experience in the field and our learning programme director, Emma Bridger has literally written the book on EX and employee engagement! 
If you opt for our access-all-areas EX Professional membership plan, you’ll be able to take all four masterclasses on offer to gain your ‘EX Master’ certificate and become part our exclusive Alumni Club, or you can choose to take any number of the individual certified masterclasses, its entirely up to you.

The Four Masterclasses

EX Fundamentals

This masterclass will lay the foundations to develop your skills and expertise in EX and engagement. It will introduce you to the key concepts and lay the foundations for further learning and application.

EX Architect

This masterclass will enable you to develop your ‘blueprint’ for EX and engagement. You’ll look at setting your strategy, mapping the end-to-end EX and employee journey, as well as how to make your case for change and demonstrate your impact.

EX Designer

This masterclass will enable you to practically design brilliant experiences. You’ll experiment with practical tools, from the world of design-thinking and positive psychology to take a human-centred approach to design experiences which deliver engagement and make a positive difference to your organisation.

EX Planner

This masterclass will focus on translating ideas into action, no matter what part of the organisation you’re in, or the role you have.

EX Bitesize

In addition to our certified masterclass programme, we also offer self-paced Bitesize courses. These practice-focused courses are self-paced, which means you can access them at a time that works for you. Our catalogue of bite-size courses is growing all the time, so check back regularly to see what’s new.