Joining the dots between Employee Experience and Customer Experience

Katie Austin

1st July 2024
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One thing we don’t talk about nearly enough is the connection between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX). Both are vital to an organisation’s health and they are deeply interconnected, influencing one another in significant ways. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say they are two sides of the same coin!

What It Is and Why It Matters

Employee Experience (EX) encompasses everything an employee encounters and feels during their time with an organisation, including the physical work environment, organisational culture, relationships with colleagues, growth opportunities and much more. A positive EX leads to motivated, engaged employees who are more likely to perform well and demonstrate a higher level of commitment. 

Customer Experience (CX)
 is the overall perception customers have based on their interactions with the organisation, including product or service quality, interactions with employees, brand awareness, in-store experience, website usability and more. A great CX results in higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive recommendations.

These two concepts are closely related and have an almost symbiotic relationship, reinforcing and replenishing each other. Put simply, if you get EX right it drives improvements in CX and vice-versa:

  • Happy employees create happy customers: Engaged employees are more likely to provide exceptional service, leading to more satisfied customers.
  • Reflective attitudes: Employees’ positive attitudes translate into better customer interactions, driving up perceptions of service quality and reducing complaints.
  • Productivity and quality: Satisfied employees are more productive, improving service speed and product quality, which enhances CX.
  • Feedback and improvement: Customer feedback helps improve employee performance, while positive employee experiences reduce turnover, leading to more stable customer relations.

These are just some of the many linkages between EX and CX, but what can us employee-focused practitioners learn from the CX community?

Customer journey mapping for employees: For many years CX practitioners have used journey mapping to understand and improve customer interactions. EX practitioners can apply this to the employee journey, identifying key touchpoints and improving the overall work experience.

Personalisation techniques:
 In CX, personalisation fosters meaningful interactions. We can see this everyday as we interact with businesses like Amazon and Netflix, both of which personalise content and recommendations based on our past behaviour. EX practitioners can apply this same thinking internally, developing customised offerings and tailored support to address individual employee needs and boost engagement.

Feedback loops:
 Continuous feedback is a cornerstone of CX improvement and we live in a world where organisations are constantly asking for our views and ratings. EX practitioners can implement similar feedback mechanisms to gather employee insights and make informed decisions.

Data-driven decisions:
 CX relies on data to understand and enhance customer interactions. Similarly, EX can utilise data analytics to track and improve employee satisfaction and performance – something that is getting easier as powerful AI tools are rolled out internally.

Emotional connections:
 CX focuses on building strong emotional bonds with customers. EX practitioners should create a sense of belonging and recognition among employees to foster a committed and motivated workforce.

Design thinking for innovation:
 Design thinking in CX drives creative solutions and ensures that customers are involved in shaping solutions. EX can use it to develop innovative initiatives that improve the work environment and drive employee satisfaction.

Technology for enhanced experience:
 Just as CX uses technology for better customer interactions, EX can leverage tools like HR platforms and engagement apps to streamline processes and enhance the employee experience.

Members of The EX Space can access numerous resources to help and support with the ideas listed here, including (but not limited to…):

  • A guide to journey mapping with template
  • The power of personas bitesize course (to help with personalisation)
  • Employee voice tool (to get clued up on feedback loops…and more)
  • Empathy maps (to help with emotional connections)
  • The EX Designer masterclass (new cohort starting soon!)

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As a member of The EX Space, here are just a few resources to help and support with the ideas listed above:

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EX and CX are two sides of the same coin, each influencing and reinforcing the other. By adopting strategies and learning from the world of CX, EX practitioners can create a more engaged and productive workforce, leading to happier customers and improved business outcomes. Investing in both areas creates a virtuous cycle where satisfied employees deliver exceptional service, benefiting everyone!