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Employee voice

The World Café approach

Do your employees feel heard? Ensuring your employees have a voice enables them to take part in conversations about matters which impact the current and future performance of an organisation.


 15 mins
 Architect / Planner
If you have a strong employee voice, conversations will take place which are genuinely two-way, and are not about paying lip-service to the concept. Giving employees a voice provides them with the opportunity to positively impact their organisation on a variety of levels: the jobs they do, the organisational culture, your products and services, and more.

This two part series, looks at the latest developments within the world of employee engagement and experience, designed to give your people a voice. We’ve included insights on tools, techniques and examples of organisations leading the way in this area.

Part One looks at what we mean by employee voice, shares some top tips and outlines tried and tested listening channels.

In Part Two, we’ll take a closer look at the growing HR tech landscape, which is increasingly used to enable facilitate employee voice.

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