What to expect

The EX Space is much more than a collection of the best EX courses and resources; it’s a vibrant professional support network, designed to help you excel in your role and accelerate your EX career. 
As well as having 24/7 access to our certified courses, practitioner toolkits and regularly updated content, you’ll be part of a global peer network where you can share your challenges and learn from others.
And (depending on your membership level), you’ll benefit from one-to-one coaching, individual and team diagnostics and Bitesize learning.
A founder-led community, you’ll have access to our experienced team from the outset - they’ll personally welcome you and help you get the most out of your membership.
But it doesn’t stop there!  
Here’s what else you can expect:



Once you’ve signed up we’ll walk you through the platform and show you how to get the most out of your membership. This is important fact finding for us too - we want to get to know you and really understand your circumstances and goals, so we can provide the best support possible.  We’ll also introduce you to our expert team. 



As part of the onboarding we’ll identify a number of diagnostic tools to help you assess your own strengths, as well as the maturity of your team/function and broader EX approach.  This will help you identify your key strengths, as well as the knowledge and skills gaps we’ll help you address.  



Once you’ve completed the various diagnostics, we’ll be able to identify the right courses and resources and provide you with your personalised learning map. 



Now it’s time to get stuck in and begin working through the recommended courses and resources - but don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way!  Our platform will enable you to keep track of your learning, record your personal reflections,  learn from some of the world’s leading EX teams, discuss your challenges with other practitioners and much more. But you’ll also receive hands-on support from our team of EX experts… 



Our goal is to help you and your team perform better,  so you’ll receive plenty of support and guidance as you pursue your learning journey. Our team are always by your side.