The Fundamentals of EX

This programme will give you the foundations to explore the world of employee experience and engagement and begin to make positive changes.
 6 weeks starting 4 Sept 2023
 2-4 hours per week
 Architect / Planner /
Designer / Builder

Programme overview

The psychological contract at work is changing, and with it employees’ expectations of work. We look for purpose and meaning at work, we want to be motivated and engaged, with a focus on our development. We want managers who will coach us to be our best, and we want ongoing conversations which focus on our strengths, as well as our development areas. In summary, employees are fast becoming “consumers of the workplace” (Gallup 2019). To address this need, we must look at the employee experience: what it is, and how we can improve it.

What to expect from the course?

How does this course work?

  • Start and finish together as a group
  • Fortnightly cohort 'catch ups'
  • Be part of an active learning community
  • Complete assignments in your own time and get feedback from tutors and peers

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with an interest in employee experience and employee engagement
  • Anyone new to the topic of employee experience and employee engagement

What will we cover?

Course objectives

At the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what both employee experience and employee engagement are and why they matter
  • List the different parts of the organisation that have the opportunity to positively impact employee experience
  • Explain the psychology and neuroscience of employee experience and engagement and what makes an experience positive
  • Identify some quick wins to improve the employee experience
  • Know where to go to continue exploring this topic


This course is for you if you want to:

  • Demystify employee experience and employee engagement
  • Make the case for change to your stakeholders 
  • Know what really makes a positive difference to the employee experience
  • Discover practical tools to help you get started today

Get your achievements recognised

Successfully complete this course to earn The EX Space Fundamentals Certificate

What do people say about working with us?

'This approach helped us to upskill an EX-focused community of practice, and embed an EX mindset at BAE Systems'
Trina Cross, EX Design Lead, BAE Systems
The training and supporting tools really helped our partners to understand the topic of engagement and how to hold conversations with their fellow partners about it.
Matt Simmons, UK Learning Manager, Starbucks

Meet your instructor

Emma Bridger

EX Space Founder
Emma is one of the world’s leading employee engagement and experience experts. She is the author of Employee Engagement (2014) and Employee Experience by Design (2021), both published by Kogan Page. A psychologist and coach, she has been training people professionals in employee engagement and employee experience for more than two decades. Through her consultancy, People Lab, she works with a range of global organisations to make a positive difference to the people who work there.

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