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Stay up to date with latest research, reports and papers from the worlds of EX and engagement.

State of the sector 23/24

This marks the 16th report from Gallagher - looking into the Internal Communication and Employee Experience Sectors.

The Edelman Trust Barometer

The latest (2024) Edelman Trust Barometer reveals a new paradox at the heart of society.

Work in 2024

This insight deck from the brilliant Bruce Daisley will help you to discover 5 trends to make work better in the year ahead

Predictions 2024

In this report from Forrester, explore what 2024 could mean for your organization, your function, and your career.

The Changing Face of HR

This report from Sage explores challenges being faced by HR and People Leaders, and how they're adapting to them.

Reimagine HR

The 2023/24 conference take-aways from Gartner

Employee Experience Trends 2024

The latest report from Qualtrics takes a look at 2024’s top employee experience trends – and the data that supports them.

Navigating the New World of Work

The next report from Mercer's 'Employee's Minds' study, revealing where employers should focus to adapt to changing employee expectations

Should I stay or should I go? 

This brilliantly named report from the IOIC in partnership with Ipsos Karian and Box, looks at the factors which influence our decision to stay or leave our jobs. 


This paper from MindGym looks at how to 'make us all better at work' – an eye opener for all of those who are looking to find employee satisfaction, retention, and health.

Microsoft Work Trends

The Work Trend Index surveys employees and leaders—across industries and around the globe—to offer unique, timely insights on the trends reshaping work.  

The State of Employee Engagement 2023/2024

The latest research from Workbuzz - Exploring HR professionals’ top priorities and biggest challenges as we move into 2024

Rethinking what we need from work

A guide to employees’ most pressing needs and how your organization can meet them, based on Mercer’s 2022-2023 Inside Employees’ Minds study.

Understanding AI in HR

In this whitepaper, Understanding AI in HR: A Deep Dive, Global Analyst & CEO Josh Bersin reviews the impact of AI in the world of HR, L&D, and all aspects of management.

Global Emotions Report 2023

Discover where people were the most positive - or negative - as the world recovered from pandemic-era uncertainty in 2022, with the 2023 global emotions report

The EX Report 2023

The EX Space team up with The People Experience Hub to bring you the latest research on the Employee Experience and Employee Engagement profession 

The 2023 Global Culture Report

OC Tanner take a 'rigourous look at the evolving shape of work' in their latest research...

Global Talent Trends

In this report, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph and member community tries to make sense of how labor-market trends impact candidates, employees and workplaces.

The IC Index 2023

The IOIC bring you the very first IC Index (in partnership with Ipsos Karian and Box) - designed to understand what employees want and need from their IC function

Harness the Potential of Generative AI in HR

HR Research and tools from McClean and company. Includes reading, tools and templates to use in your own organization.

The Evolution Report

The Evolution Report from Benefex examines employee priorities, motivations and frustrations, and what they think of their experiences at work

Making the case for the office

Fresh research from Ipsos Karian & Box, set out to identify the optimal number of days in the office to create the best outcomes for employees and organisations alike

The Work Project

The work project by This is Home set out their global benchmark for employee experience from their latest research 

The 2023 Digital Employee Experience Trend Report

Applaud share Insights on how businesses have tailored digital experiences for employees in 2023

Employee Engagement Evidence review 2021

Scientific summary from CIPD - the professional body for HR and People Development

The EX Lens

The EX Space research into what truly makes a great experience at work - both universal themes and considerations for individual differences

The EX Archetypes

In our Archetypes research, we explore the skills, strengths and behaviours needed to be a great practitioner working in this space
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