The EX Files

Developing an Employee Experience Strategy for DNV

Challenging old ways of thinking

DNV are experts in assurance and risk management, operating in over 100 countries around the world.
They wanted to create an overarching strategy for employee experience. Whilst they already had a fantastic team of HR professionals, with a breadth of knowledge, they wanted to take it to the next level.

Facilitating a better understanding

"We began with a discovery phase to better understand DNV. We conducted interviews and facilitated workshops with employees across the organisation – the insights then informed two workstreams: Firstly, we used the insights gathered to develop an overarching EX and EE strategy. And secondly, we created a set of employee personas, helping the EX-team to step into the shoes of the people they are designing for."  Anna Kesy, Employee experience lead at DNV

Using a design-sprint, the team were then upskilled  to help them use personas, and other EX design tools. This means the new ways of working became the norm, ensuring the DNV team are EX experts.

Connecting the dots between people and business

It’s still relatively early days since agreeing the strategy and plan, but overall, this programme has meant the team:
  • has a greater understanding of the people working at DNV – the challenges they face, and what they need to have a great experience and be at their best at work
  • can connect the dots between the overarching business strategy and the needs and wants of their people
  • can plan with confidence, knowing that they're working on the right things at the right time 
  • are able to identify and address broken moments and celebrate areas they can be proud of


What is a Design Sprint?

What is a Design Sprint?

It is a structured process for developing and testing solutions to workplace challenges, typically involving workshops of small teams of employees and stakeholders. They are designed to be agile, user-centred and data-driven – encouraging experimentation and collaboration among the team members.

Design sprints are used by organisations to rapidly develop and test new ideas in a way that minimises risks and costs, but can deliver ‘quick wins’ in improving the overall employee experience.