The EX Audit

Independent insight from The EX Space
The EX Audit from The EX Space is a comprehensive and independent modular research programme designed to provide you with robust and actionable intelligence on the state of employee experience and engagement within your organisation.

The perfect current-state assessment for a newly recruited or recently promoted employee experience or employee engagement lead, it will provide a wealth of insight and expert analysis to pinpoint exactly where you are on your EX journey and what great experiences look like to your people. We’ll also deliver an EX Roadmap to guide your strategy development and signpost recommended next steps.
The EX Audit is built on more than five decades of directly related research experience. The entire process has been designed by The EX Space co-founders, Emma Bridger and Lee Smith, who have an unrivalled track record conducting audits and other research programmes, and advising senior leaders within a wide range of organisations across the world. The pair have a deep expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research and will be hands-on throughout the duration of the project.

How does it work?

The EX Audit is structured around a unique seven step research methodology featuring our proprietary assessment tools, primary qualitative and quantitative research, independent benchmarking, expert analysis and comprehensive reporting. 
The EX Audit is designed to be modular – this means that we can adjust each project depending on your specific needs. Many organisations, for instance, already have an established survey, so in some cases it makes more sense to review the output of this, rather than conduct another organisation-wide survey. 

Once we have agreed the scope of the project with you, we begin the process with a facilitated kick-off meeting to introduce the project to the client team, plan the project and gather input data. This is followed by a number of phases of primary research, including interviews, focus groups and facilitated workshops. Once we have completed the data collection, we’ll deliver an Insights Workshop to explore the key themes with you, before undertaking detailed analysis and compiling your master research report, including a recommended EX Road Map to guide your future strategy. 

What's the value?

There’s enormous value in conducting a comprehensive audit of your employee experience and engagement activities. Here are just some of the benefits our EX Audit will deliver:
  • Understand how effective your current approaches to EX and engagement are
  • Assess the maturity of your EX function and approach
  • Identify the ‘moments that matter’ to your employees
  • Identify ‘low hanging fruit’ so you can prioritise your activity
  • Understand the views and perceptions of senior stakeholders
  • Identify issues relating to governance and structure 
  • Capture rich insights into your organisational culture

Find out more

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