EX Files Live – ScotRail

Find out how ScotRail used design thinking to redesign the onboarding experience, with special guest Sodi Kakouris


 1 hour
In this session, we're joined by digital learning manager at ScotRail, Sodi Kakouris. We talk about how ScotRail used a design thinking mindset and approach, to develop a better onboarding experience for their people.

Onboarding plays a crucial role in shaping the employee experience, setting the tone for their journey ahead. It serves as the initial gateway through which new hires transition into their roles, their first experience of the company culture, and a chance to form connections with colleagues. Successful onboarding not only equips employees with the necessary tools and resources to succeed but will also foster a sense of belonging and purpose from day one.  

In this session, we’ll talk about the approach ScotRail took when redesigning the onboarding experience for their people.

🚀 Key Takeaways: 
  • Find out how the team truly put their people at the heart of the EX design 
  • Hear the steps taken to evaluate the current experience vs the desired future
  • Learn about prototyping and how to test with key stakeholders

This tried and tested approach is key to creating better experiences which are truly human-centric.

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