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Expert Insights - with Michael Leckie

Public Webinar
The Heart of Transformation

- Because technology doesn't transform organizations – people do! 


 1 hour
 Architect / Planner / Designer / Builder
Find out how a simple shift in behaviour can make all the difference to individuals and organizations. 
We're delighted to announce that Michael Leckie, author of ‘The Heart of Transformation’ joined our latest Expert Insights webinar on 14th December.
The words ‘change’ and ‘transformation’ have been on everybody’s mind, but what does ‘change’ really mean? And what’s holding us back? During this engaging discussion, Michael will expose the myths of change, which so often get in the way of true transformation, and explain exactly how to set you and your organization, free.

You can expect to find out how to:
  • Identify, and bust, the myths of change and transformation
  • Make immediate, simple shifts in behaviour that make all the difference
  • Change the conversation that will change your organization
  • Ask the questions that leaders use to expose, and shift, hidden assumptions
About Michael Leckie
Michael Leckie brings over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience to his role in driving transformation in a digital world. He believes that digital transformation is a combination of the human and the technological and that our organizations can only make the changes needed to thrive through addressing both the social and technical systems of which they are made.

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