Expert Insights - with Howard Krais

Public Webinar
Enter the Age of Listening

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 1 hour
 Architect / Planner / Designer / Builder
We’re delighted to be joined by Howard Krais, Co-Founder of True for this Expert insights webinar.

In this session, Howard discusses how we are entering into a new era for those concerned with Employee Experience, as we move to a time in which how we listen to employees will be central to wellbeing and success.  

Howard explains how listening is much more than just the annual survey. He will discuss the benefits that come from listening and the pitfalls that get in the way.  
The webinar will help you consider how you are using listening to support your EX strategy and demonstrate how listening is a critical component of what Howard calls “people-centred change”, as you help your employees navigate the changes present in every business.  

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