Expert Insights - with Debra Corey

Bad Bosses Ruin Lives
- The Building Blocks for Being a Great Boss
Public Webinar


 1 hour
 Architect / Planner / Designer / Builder
For this Expert Insights, we’re joined by Debra Corey, one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers and an HR Most Influential Thinkers, as well as best-selling author of multiple books to help improve employee experience and engagement.

In this session we talk about her latest publication 'Bad Bosses Ruin Lives' which she co-authored with her husband Ken.  We'll be talking about:

  • The importance of being a great boss, one who enriches and doesn't ruin lives
  • The 10 types of bad bosses, and how we all have some of these traits
  • ... and the building blocks that can help us all be great bosses

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