The EX Files – Bupa

Find out how Bupa enabled digital technology and AI to create delightful employee experience journeys - with Head of People Technology and Digital at Bupa UK, Riffat Ahmed


 1 hour
 Architect / Planner / Designer / Builder
In this session, Riffat shares the ways in which Bupa has created a vision to take advantage of tech that is changing lightning-fast, to design and execute an enviable employee experience.

He shines a light on the ways in which Bupa have shifted their EX focus from a professional perspective to a human one and the difference this is making. Riffat also explores the ways in which Bupa are applying the customer experience principles and approaches to EX.   

🚀 Key Takeaways: 
  • Learn about the big shift Bupa are making in EX from professional grade experiences to a more human perspective and what this means for their digital approach 
  • Explore the power of putting your people at the heart of your digital transformation, no matter what generation they belong to
  • Gain insights into how Bupa have applied customer experience principles to EX - listening to employees, understanding the moments that matter, maximising technology opportunities and ensuring speed of execution
  • Understand the ways in which Bupa have shaped their employee journeys to move beyond the transactional approach and deliver delightful employee experiences   

The digital world is here to stay – so it’s time to embrace the Employee-AI alliance to find solutions that drive consistent experiences allowing employees to work independently and happily. 

This session will inspire you to consider how digital technology can make a big difference to your employee experience.

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