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Expert Insights - with Jamie Jacobs and Hema Crockett

Designing Exceptional Organisational Cultures
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 1 hour
 Architect / Planner / Designer / Builder
We’re delighted to welcome not one, but two special guests for our Expert Insights session – award-winning authors Jamie Jacobs and Hema Crockett will be joining us to talk about their book ‘Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures’.

You can expect an engaging and interactive conversation on intentionally designing, building and fostering a culture that creates both employee and business success.   

This session is designed for anyone who is looking to design exceptional organizational cultures, where employees are engaged and business results are achieved.  

When you walk away from this session, you will: 
  • Be able to identify the key elements of culture and how they interact with one another
  • Better understand your role as a leader in shaping culture
  • Have actionable steps to start assessing and fine-tuning your culture  

About Jamie and Hema:
Jamie Jacobs and Hema Crockett are award winning authors, business leaders and former HR executives. They have led high-performing teams and organizations within various industries both within the US as well as internationally.

In 2019, after nearly 40 years combined of HR and business experience, Hema and Jamie joined forces and founded Gig Talent, a modern talent agency that helps organizations level up their culture, their leadership and their talent by connecting vetted high-caliber HR consultants and leadership coaches with forward-thinking organizations seeking a competitive advantage.

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