Why it’s time to shout about the great work you’re doing…

Emma Bridger

5th June 2024
Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Awards, Celebration
A couple of weeks ago, I got to do one of my favourite things of the year – judging the UK Employee Experience Awards, and then celebrating with the finalists and the winners (and if you were a finalist or a winner – huge congratulations!). I know the idea of going for awards can often split the room, both for and against, but personally I’m 100% in the ‘go for it!’ camp. 

And witnessing the energy and joy in the room last week (even from those that didn’t get to take home an award), convinces me that on this occasion I’m right!
There are lots of reasons why going for an award is a good idea, here are a just a few:

  • Writing an award entry is a brilliant way to take stock of the work you and your team have been doing. In our busy working lives, so often we deliver then move on to the next thing. Writing your entry makes space to reflect on your work and learn from it. Regardless of whether your entry gets you to the final, or bags you an award, I guarantee the act of writing your entry will fill you with pride for the work you and your team have been doing.

  • Recognition for the great work you’re doing is always a boost to motivation and morale. Plus confirmation that you do actually know what you’re doing! This might sound trite, but in the field we work in we have to fight harder to be seen as credible experts, and entering awards can really help.

  • Your personal profile and reputation will also benefit big time. I know many of us are modest, but I think it is time to shout out about the great work we do to improve people’s lives at work.
I have shared this story before – that winning an award early on in my in-house career changed everything. It got me a promotion, an amazing trip to Iceland (the country not the supermarket), opened doors to speak at conferences, got me published,  presented collaboration opportunities, introduced me to a fantastic network, but most of all, helped me believe in myself and the work we were doing.

Hopefully I have convinced you  and if that’s the case, you’re in luck because I have just discovered that the prestigious UK Customer Experience Awards (UK CXA) have not one, but three employee experience related categories you can enter:

  • Best EX
  • Best Learning and Development Programme
  • Best employee-driven CX

You can find our more here: https://cxa.co.uk/home

And that’s not all, the UK CXA have very kindly agreed to extend their early bird offer until next Friday 7th June. If that sounds soon don’t worry, the actual award deadline is July 5th, so you’ve got until then to get your submission in.

Let me know how you get on if you do decide to enter – we are always looking for great case studies to share with our community.