EX Toolkit

Line Managers Team Experience (TX) Toolkit

The World Café approach

Practical, easy to use activities, to help your line managers improve employee experience and engagement with their teams.


 15 mins
 Architect / Planner
The toolkit is written and designed for line managers, which means you can hand it over to them to start using straight away. Or you can use the toolkit as a starting point to build on, adding in relevant company background and resources – whatever works for you!

The toolkit is tried and tested, it’s been used with hundreds of organisations around the world, delivering fantastic results. It works because:

  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It doesn’t add more work to line managers already overwhelming workload
  • It is strength-based and works by asking what good looks like rather than focusing on fixing what is broken
  • The tools create psychologically safety in the team

To set you leaders up for success we recommend running through the toolkit with them first as employees, using the activities to better understand their own experience first. Once they have been through the toolkit as employees they will feel confident to then use the tools with their teams.

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