Diagnostic Tool

Culture Dimensions Card Sort

This is a conversation-led diagnostic that can help you understand more about your organisational culture, what is and isn’t working and where to prioritise your activity.


 45 mins
 Architect / Planner
This activity is a diagnostic tool to create insights about the nature of the culture and where it may be most positively or negatively impacting employee experience.

There are many tools and platforms that offer to analyse your organisational culture. We often find that simply starting a conversation is the best way to learn about the culture.

There are also numerous dimensions to your culture. It can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing where to begin, so we recommend starting with the attributes of what makes a great EX as defined by our EX Lens Model. You can then add further culture dimensions you feel are relevant to your organisation.

The objective is to identify cultural strengths and weakness that need further attention, not to find solutions.

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