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Developing engaging line managers

Line managers are essential to build and maintain engagement at work. This survey will help you identify how engaging your managers are so you can put together an action plan to improve.


 45 mins
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This activity is designed to help you assess your line manager’s behaviours in relation to engaging their teams. The behaviours outlined are also a great way to ensure line managers understand exactly how an engaging manager behaves.
You can use this tool to benchmark your line managers in relation to their engagement behaviours and then develop action plans to continue their development.
You can distribute the questionnaire to your line managers to assess their performance as an engaging manager. Their results can then be discussed with their own line manager and an action plan put in place to develop their competencies and improve their performance. It can be used as a stand-alone activity or as part of your performance management process.
This tool can be used with your line manager population.

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