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Clues, Hunches and Themes' 

The World Café approach

How to run a 'Clues, Hunches and Themes' workshop


 60-120 mins
 All Archetypes
This tool with enable you and your team to review data, insights and outputs on any given topic and have an honest and open discussion with a group of people as to what it all might mean. It is an opportunity to have a conversation about what needs to change to move closer to your ideal future.

This activity will help you gather an invaluable range of observations and insights from a group of people.

It helps to tap into collective intelligence and sense making – and means you’re more likely to avoid bias when looking at data. In doing so, you’ll also get a comprehensive picture of what’s working and where there are opportunities to improve.   

You can use this activity to explore and data and insights you have on any given topic. However to illustrate this tool we’ll use the example of exploring employee engagement insights.

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